Arizona Hummer Tours. Four Peaks Trail day adventure

Experience the Arizona wildlife with the Arizona Hummer Tours

Do you want something special and exciting for Christmas? Why not board on the Arizona Hummer Tours?

Tune into the adrenalin rush of an extreme adventure, which focuses on the unmatched capabilities of the Hummer. Imagine, you are climbing a 22” vertical way, you scale a 60-degree slope, and you traverse a 40-degree slope.

And you know what? As exciting as it sounds, it can become true, even during the Christmas season.

Hummer Tours

Once arriving at their collection point, you cannot help but see our their famous Hummers. Their tours have been featured on TV and are the number one tour of choice in Arizona.
An adventure with the Arizona Hummer Tours will let you experience breathtaking visits as you discover ghost towns and native American places. Their experienced guides will share their extensive knowledge of the desert wildlife and history with you.

When boarding on the Hummer Tours, you will drive on challenging terrains, explore mountains, canyons, and rivers.

Finally, you will have plenty of opportunities to make good photo shots. Bring your own camera or relax and while the staff gets the best picks on a digital photo cd.

Want something else than spending Christmas at home? Then book one an exciting Arizona Hummer Tours, and get the experience of a lifetime. The company offers tours many days throughout the year and during the Christmas days.

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